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Score 9.8

Threat Protection

  • Proteção em tempo integral – varreduras em tempo real
  • Proteção contra: cavalos de troia, malware, adware, spyware, ransomware e esquemas de phishing
  • Proteção de firewall remoto
Planos e Preços:
  • Antivirus Pro 2020- €19.95por ano para três dispositivos
  • Internet Security 2020- €39.95 por ano para cinco dispositivos
  • Total Security 2020- €59.95 por ano para seis dispositivos

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TotalAV is one of the most cost-beneficial antivirus software providers. TotalAV is easy to use and includes a free full system virus & security check. The software provides you with a complete digital home protection by keeping all of your devices safe from malware, adware, spyware and other malicious threats. TotalAV has a lot to offer — both technology and features wise. Impressive package and reviews make us think it is a strong player on the competitive antivirus software market.

During our research on antivirus software, we’ve identified five key criteria for you to consider when choosing an antivirus software: 1. Threat Protection 2. Resource consumption 3. 24/7 protection/real-time scanning 4. Extra protection features 5. Platforms/Devices accessibility. Our reviews will examine each antivirus software in accordance with how well it delivers on these five criteria.

How TotalAV meets the 5 criteria?

1. Threat Protection

Malware Protection
The system detects and removes malicious software on your computers like viruses, adware or spyware.

Spyware Protection
Spyware can secretly monitor your actions on your device, capture passwords, banking credentials and credit card details. TotalAV is capable of recognizing such programs, block and remove them.

Web Protection
The system is scanning along as you’re surfing the Internet, detecting which websites are safe to visit & blocking the possibly dangerous websites and downloads.

Phishing Websites Protection
TotalAv is capable of recognizing and blocking fake & “spoof” websites, specifically created to steal your personal data, for example by sending you a fake email or message with a link.

Adware Protection
Adware is less dangerous, but it is still nothing else than malicious software that uses your computer resources to automatically display or download advertising materials such as banners or pop-ups. This both slows down your device and usually hinders your surfing experience. TotalAV is capable of blocking and removing such programs as well.

2. Resource Consumption

Yes, like any other antivirus software, TotalAV will also consume some of your system resources and can possibly slow it down a little… But, the software contains a system boost and disc cleaner as a part of the package. What does it actually mean?

Over time your computer will naturally slow down anyway. Cache and cookies, startup applications, duplicates, old, damaged & junk-files, not completely deleted programs — all that could and will significantly slow down your system.

TotalAV will identify the system errors and programs impacting your device’s performance; optimize, clean and delete the junk. As a result, you won’t recognize the slow down from the software. Quite the opposite, there’s a big chance you will even feel the upgrade as a result of its activity.

3. Proteção em tempo real, 24 horas por dia

TotalAV antivirus software is constantly running in the background and monitoring your system, as long as the device is on, detecting & blocking the malware before it gets on your hard-drive. In addition to that, it offers a scheduled scan option where you can set up a weekly, fortnightly or monthly extensive full scans.

4. Extra Protection Features

  • VPN Internet Security. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can provide a wide range of benefits from securing a private browsing session to unlocking restricted content. This useful feature is available to purchase and will enhance your online security and open up new possibilities on the web. Browse anonymously and securely online. Encrypt your connection to the Internet to block hackers from intercepting your data.
  • Password Manager. Easily manage and keep all your passwords secure in one place.
  • Firewall. Remote management of Windows firewall or built-in advanced firewall tools.
  • Identity Protection. Identity protection from Experian integrated to protect your identity on and offline.
  • Browser Manager. Easily allows users to clear history, cache and tracking cookies from their web browsers.

5. Platforms/Devices Accessibility

Regarding the compatibility, TotalAv is up there with the best, covering all the main platforms and operating systems you may need:

Windows OS

Mac OS



What’s the best about it — is that TotalAv offers an all-in-one cross-platform solution, meaning that by purchasing one package and signing-up for one account — you are getting a full coverage for all of your various devices.

User Experience

TotalAV protection from malware is said to be one of the strongest parts of the package. It’s integrated into the product and self-manageable, which makes it seamless and easy to use. Just one click with a short sign-up form is enough to have it installed and running, ready to scan your system. Crisp & clear reports at the end of the scanning process are easy to understand and show you right away all the problems and dangers discovered, as well as ways of solving them in one click. The overall interface is intuitive and self-explanatory.


Antivirus Pro

€19 / year

  • Entry-level protection
  • All the main features
  • 3  devices

Internet Security

€39 / year

  • Most popular package
  • All the main features
  • 5 devices
  • Safe Password Vault

Total Security

€59 / year

  • Complete edition
  • All the main features
  • 6 devices
  • Safe Password Vault
  • Smartphone Optimizer & Protection
  •  24/7 Priority Super-Fast Support

AntiVirus Pro

€2.99 / mo

  • 2 additional licenses
  • System tune-up
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


Support and Customer Service

The TotalAV customer service is what takes the product from good to great. Multiple contact channels are available, letting you receive the needed information easily.
Except the standard E-mail support, the 24/7 phone hotline and an online live chat are at your service. There’s even an option to upgrade your experience with Priority Support feature, boosting your request right to the top of the queue.

Pros & Cons

  • Impressive protection capabilities
  • User-friendly interface
  • Various useful extra features
  • Very cheap for the Initial Term
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Web Shield requires separate installation & supports only Chrome and Firefox

Bottom Line

Impressive protection capabilities & user-friendly interface, coupled with useful features, cross-platform compatibility and attractive pricing — all make it an easy choice for many.