How to Compare Antivirus Software

Criteria For Selecting Antivirus Software

During our research on Antivirus software, we’ve identified five key criteria for you to consider when choosing an antivirus software:

  1. Does the antivirus software protect my devices against viruses, ransomware, Trojans and other malware?
  2. Does it significantly impact the device speed?
  3. Does it protect my devices 24/7?
  4. Does it come with extra protection features? Such as password managers and VPN?
  5. Could the software be used on most of my devices, fitting all kinds of systems?

We are living in an increasingly digital, always-connected world, where we now require full-time active protection from all sort of threats. Whether it is internet browsing protection, secure interfacing between our different devices, or safe interconnection with our cloud platforms, antivirus programs have more doors than ever to watch.

The main reason for failures of modern devices is the lack of antivirus, expired or not updated antivirus software. This danger is often overlooked but could cause a severe impact on our device and data safety.

The importance of antivirus software cannot be underestimated, neither is the choice of the right protective software. To make the clear and effective choice, you should think and define the main pinpoints of what do you really need to get–
Are you going to use it for your personal gadgets protection, business & corporate devices or both? How many units are you looking to protect with one package?
Are the devices mainly being used for the offline work or Internet-browsing? Are you exchanging any sensitive data or important files within the secured local network only or have to sometimes share it with the external parties?

In other words, try to define your specific usage scenarios and habits as accurate as possible and look if the chosen antivirus protection meets those needs and offers a solution to cover them.

Before making a final decision, ask yourself:
Does the antivirus software have a technology to not only protect my devices but also do it in real-time and without disrupting the device’s performance? Does it come with extra protection features? Finally, ask yourself: what investments do I need to make in terms of money as well as time to get it up and running?

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